Gr. 5 English

Gr. 5 MFI

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Hello Students and Parents!

Welcome to the Grade 4 class Blog! Current and former students, parents and friends are welcome to visit our site. Please browse and enjoy the information about our learning and view exemplary work samples.

First Term Subjects:

Gr. 4 English to  Early  French Immersion (co-teachers Mrs. Rainer and Ms. Sarte-Dance)  and Middle French Immersion(Ms. Sarte-Dance)

  • Reading-genre study, non-fiction (e.g., biography and informational features/formats)
  • Writing (writing process: personal reports, autobiographies, summaries, etc. )
  • Media (main messages in short video clips, features of video and media products e.g., posters/photographs) 
  • Oral Language – informal listening/speaking skills, readers’ theatre

Gr. 4 Mathematics to  Early  French Immersion (co-teachers Mrs. Rainer and Ms. Sarte-Dance) and Middle French Immersion(Ms. Sarte-Dance)

  • Data Management -survey, double bar graphs and analysis
  • Numeration-place value, addition and subtraction
  • Geometry-patterning, transformational geometry
  • Patterning and Algebra -geometric patterns, growth and linear patterns


Dance with Ms. Sarte-Dance

  • Gr. 2-Regular
  • Gr. 3-Regular
  • Gr. 4-Regular
  • Gr. 5-Regular
  • Gr. 6-Regular

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